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Niet super actueel meer.. Maar als nog wil ik graag wat inside informatie delen over pizzagate, want ik lees nu zelfs dat het een hoax is, afgeschreven als niet waar, gefacht checked zogenaamd.. Het maakte me nogal verdrietig dit te lezen.. Want ik heb zelf gezien hoe ontzettend veel moeite er in is gestoken.. Mensen zijn hier over dood gegaan of van hun vrijheid beroofd.. (Zowel persvrijheid (of yt) als fysieke vrijheid, mensen zitten hier NU voor vast.)


"And why the dire rush to malign such a formerly accepted person in the media mix? Well, because I read a once powerful guy's emails - his WikiLeaks, Podesta's, Hillary's campaign chairman... all these creepy af emails referencing walnut sauce, walnut saucing, send me the walnut sauce recipe ASAP - but then he never does, he never sends nor receives an actual recipe... and how does this guy not know his own Italian walnut sauce recipe by heart? Why would his brother ask for a family recipe? If they know it by heart. Pizza for an hour, pizza dates, pizza extravaganzas with former DOJ guys, and we never learn from the emails what any of it means - and every single live-streamer who talks about these emails is then banned from YouTube within the course of 6 months. I was one of those. Afterward, nearly all of us were gang stalked. Some committed suicide; Isaac Kappy, the well-known Hollywood actor, was one who started talking about these emails on his popular livestreams, and he was hounded mercilessly in response, some of his tormenters claimed to be 'Q' followers. Kappy walked out into traffic one day, ending his life, in the midst of the gang stalking. I can tell you personally - it was so bad toward me personally that at one point I could not speak. Literally went catatonic. People like you would pop up everywhere I'd post, even when I'd vent on my own personal Facebook wall I had not shared or publicized with anyone... within minutes "You're a conspiracy theorist, you should go **** yourself now and save the world the trouble of hearing from you anymore." People showing up at hotels I was at for only days at a time. Complex harassment. Livestreamers claiming I had been to cities I had never been to and done things that would have been totally out of my character; all to drive me to crack, to make me go mad.After most of us were wiped out with this harassment - oh by the way, before the rest of the story - Ben Swann, investigative journalist at CBS Atlanta at the time, was perhaps the most mainstream guy who tackled those emails... all he did was a brief segment on his show down in Atlanta, which was a media fact check show of all things, asking what could have been intended by the 'pasta,' 'pizza,' 'walnut sauce,' and other terms in the Podesta WikiLeaks that people on the Internet were speculating about at the time. Days after the segment aired, Swann disappeared from public view and from statements of any kind for about a year.After all of us were banned or threatened/gangstalked to a point of inoperability, out comes "Q" about six months later - out of nowhere, unasked for, unexpected, like a genie from some weird lamp somewhere. It was suddenly everywhere in the truth community, I was pushed multiple times, including by a former CIA officer who took me to lunch in DC, and by a large YouTuber who flew into Denver specifically wanting to get dinner and "bring me up to speed" on all the exciting happenings in Q world.I declined to promote Q or to become a part of the YouTube crew, and that large YouTuber started doing videos against me. Banned from everywhere, I was unable to reply to the absurd accusations and further down the tubes went my former great reputation.I could be wrong, but I think one day the world will appreciate the Podesta WikiLeaks for what they are - a keyhole into a world of elite privilege and sleaze that many people were accurately peeling back the layers of, before "Q" came along and singularly took the oxygen out of the room, so to speak. No other topic was really allowed in the truth community from that point forward, and after it gained critical mass one of the Q posters even published a FAKE or doctored Podesta Email, then deleted his or her post from the board, which caused many in the truth community to dismiss the Podesta Emails as a fake or not particularly important topic, since again, by this point so many were blindly following it as a true insider - when in retrospect, and as I warned was possible, it seems to have been counter-intel or distraction of some kind, to sponge up the loose ends from the Podesta WikiLeaks.Yet the public thinks Pizzagate is the laughable claim that Hillary Clinton slaughters children using a network of pizza shop basements across the country, or something. No, Pizzagate was always the inexplicable "pizza" and "walnut sauce" emails of Podesta's, the ensuing fallout, and the destruction of those of us who covered it 2016-2017. And now it seems Trump was always on that team anyway, he was a fake who let truthers be hunted by whoever was threatened by those WikiLeaks emails coming out.And those emails connect back to Epstein Island and Ghislaine Maxwell, so it's all one freaky club at the top. I'm glad I got out with my life - and I've moved onto other things, a health-related startup I'll be announcing eventually. No, I've moved on, and this is a chapter I don't want to revisit every other day - but conspiracy theorist, I'm not, not any more than the next guy. Thank you for listening (reading)."
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